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    Tongfang® is a laptop original design manufacturer (ODM) similar to Clevo®. This means their units are often not named Tongfang but are named under several other brands.

    Tongfang laptops are sold by almost all custom or boutique laptop companies, if you see a laptop and you're not sure who manufactured it, then it's probably made by Tongfang, if not then it's the other ODM, Clevo.


    Tongfang has gained popularity around the world with their GK5CN6Z model, which has a GTX 1060, a small form factor build, good cooling, and was well priced. One of their more unique selling points is having mechanical keyboards on their rather low priced units, a feature normally found on much more expensive gaming laptops.


    List of Resellers
    Country Reseller
    Australia AfterShockpc, InfinityGaming, Metabox
    China MechRevo, Hasee, Machenike, IPASON, Maibenben
    Germany XMG, Medion Erazer
    Italy RaionTech
    Japan Dospara, G-Tune
    Malaysia Illegear, Level51pc
    Netherlands LaptopParts4Less, SKIKK
    Nordics Komplett, MultiCom
    Poland Hyperbook
    Portugal InphTech
    Roman TekAdvice
    Singapore AfterShockpc
    South Korea MonsterLabs
    Turkey MonsterNotebook
    UK PCSpecialist, Scan 3XS, CyberPowerSystem
    USA Eluktronics, MainGear, CyberPowerPC, Hidevolution, Walmart
    ~Europe XMG, LaptopParts4Less, Obsidian-PC, BTO X, DreamMachines, PCZ.DE

    Europe buyers should consider buying from XMG or Laptopparts4less first

    Chassis ID

    the last digit is the main difference between laptop families in TongFang. All parts of the laptop attached to this Chassis ID.
    Chassis material, LCD, Touchpad, Keyboards, I/O port layout, etc. are all attached to this chassis id
    The following list specifics the main features of the said chassis, sorted by newest first:

    15.6" Gaming laptops

    ID-O AMD

    First Tongfang model to feature High performance AMD Ryzen CPU with Aluminum chassis, 110w 2060, 47wh/63wh battery kategorie laptops xmg-core desktop 1.jpg

    Name Region/Seller
    Gateway Creator USA
    CyberPowerPC Tracer IV Slim R USA
    Illegear Onyx V AMD Malaysia
    XMG Core 15 AMD Germany
    PCSpecialist Optimus Pro 15 UK
    Eluktronics RP-15 USA
    Laptopparts4less GK5N--O Europe

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    ID-O Intel


    Alumnium chassis, mux switch, 100w 2060, 47wh/63wh battery

    Name Region/Seller
    Gateway Creator USA
    Maingear Vector 2 USA
    CyberPowerPC Tracer IV Slim USA
    Illegear Onyx V Malaysia
    XMG Core 15 Germany
    Schenker Media 15 Germany
    PCSpecialist Optimus Pro UK
    BTO X • BOOK 15X1081 Europe
    Laptopparts4less GK5M--O Europe
    Infinity O5 Australia

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    Current highest end 15.6" laptop from tongfang, mixture of ID-Z and ID-T, aluminum chassis, Per-Key RGB Mechanical Keyboard, MUX Switch, large 94wh battery

    • Eluktronics Mech 15 G3
    • Aftershock Apex 15X
    • Illegear Onyx G
    • Cyberpowerpc Tracer IV Extreme 15
    • XMG Neo 15 2020
    • PCSpecialist Recoil IV
    • NextCore ID-W
    • Infinity W5

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    best performance/weight ratio, featuring Magnesium alloy build combined with 4-zone RGB tactile Membrane Keyboard, Thunderbolt™ 3, 62wh battery.

    • Eluktronics MAX-15 (USA)

    Cyberpowerpc Tracer Studio Pro

    • PCSpecialist Vyper III 15 (UK/Europe via

    Cyberpowersystem Tracer Studio (Europe/UK)

    • Laptopparts4less GM5MP_Y (Europe/Netherlands)
    • NextCore ID-Y (Europe)
    • Gaming GM5 (Portugal)
    • Illegear Onyx Pro (Malaysia)
    • Aftershockpc Vapor 15X (Singapore)
    • Machenike Machcreator (China)
    • Monsterlabs TFG256XG (Korea)
    • Medion Erazer X10 15
    • G-Tune E5

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    ID-T QC7#

    Intel-Tongfang collaboration laptop, magnesium chassis, black or grey color, Per-Key RGB Mechanical Keyboard, Thunderbolt 3, massive 94wh battery.File:Https://

    Name Region/Seller
    Eluktronics MAG-15 USA
    Maingear Element USA
    Cyberpower Tracer III EVO USA/UK/CA
    NUC 9 Extreme Laptop Kit Canada
    Aftershockpc Vapor 15 Pro MY/SG/AU
    IPASON (Aliexpress) China
    ADATA XPG Xenia 15
    Komplett Khameleon P9 Nordics
    INTEL Alpha Force Thailand
    VGS Imperium Vietnam
    Viper Expeder C71 Pakistan
    Galleria GCR1660TGF-QC Japan
    Intel Whitebook

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    GK5CP5X | GK5CP6X
    Lightweight and thin, 4-zone RGB Membrane Keyboard, 47/63wh battery
    File:Https:// l infinity-x5-laptop-notebook back.png

    • Maingear Vector 15
    • Walmart Evoo Gaming 15"
    • Illegear Prodigy
    • Infinity X5
    • Aftershockpc Apex 15 Lite
    • Hasee Z7 CT7GK
    • Mechrevo Air Z2 (China)
    • Eluktronics MB-15

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    Battery: Default battery size is 47wh, It is upgradable to 62wh if 2.5” drive bay is empty; Search google for GK5CN-00-13-4S1P-0 battery.


    GK5CN5Z | GK5CN6Z | GK5CP6Z | GK5CP0Z | GK5CQ7Z
    The most rebranded tongfang laptop fearturing Per-Key RGB Mechanical Keyboard

    • Medion Erazer X15803
    • Aftershockpc Apex 15
    • MechRevo Deep Sea Ghost Z2
    • XMG Neo 15
    • BTO X TOXIC CERIX E5809-15
    • Raiontech Raionbook GS5
    • Illegear Onyx
    • Hyperbook Pulsar Z15
    • Xtreem Smart7 Kallisto GX15D
    • Aftershock Apex-15
    • Monster Tulpar T5
    • Scan/3XS LG15 Vengeance Pro
    • PCSpecialist Recoil II / III
    • Eluktronics Mech 15 G2
    • HIDevolution EVOC 16GK5
    • Walmart Overpowered 15+

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    No side vents, Decreased cooling performance but still sufficient
    File:Https:// raven-se-r.png

    • XMG Core 15 2019
    • Illegear Raven SE
    • Infinity V5
    • Galleria GCR1650GF7 -------- Japan

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    Thick screen bezels and Per-Key RGB Mechanical Keyboard
    File:Https:// illegear-raven-2.png

    • Illegear Raven SE
    • CyberPowerPC Tracer III
    • Eluktronics Mech 15

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    17.3" Gaming laptops

    ID-R AMD

    First Tongfang to feature High performance AMD Ryzen CPU, 4-zone RGB Membrane Keyboard, 47wh/63wh battery

    • Eluktronics RP-17
    • XMG Core 17 AMD
    • Illegear Rogue V AMD
    • PCSpecialist Optimus (Pro) XI AMD
    • CyberPowerPC Tracer IV Extreme R
    • Laptopparts4less TongFang GK7N--R AMD



    Excellant cooling featuring Magnesium chassis combined with 4-zone RGB tactile membrane keyboard, MUX Switch, Thunderbolt 3, Huge 91wh (PF-G) battery

    • Eluktronics MAX-17
    • Maingear Element 3
    • Cyberpowerpc Tracer IV Extreme 17
    • PCSpecialist Optimus (Pro) XI
    • Illegear Selenite Pro
    • Aftershock Vapor 17X
    • PCSpecialist Vyper 17
    • NextCore ID-P
    • Medion Erazer X10 17

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    The best cooling design paired with Per-Key RGB Mechanical Keyboard

    • Walmart Evoo gaming 17
    • Eluktronics Mech 17
    • Walmart Overpowered 17
    • Illegear Selenite
    • PCSpecialist Recoil III 17

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    ID-R Intel#

    Excellent cooling paired with RGB Membrane Keyboard

    • XMG Core 17
    • Illegear Rogue V

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    Intel TGL PL5TU1B
    Newest laptop from tongfang with next gen Intel CPU
    Schenker Vision 15


    AMD: PF5PU1G | PF5NU1G
    Intel: PF5WU1G | PF5MN2G | PF5MRFG
    15.6" Aluminum/magnesium chassis, Type-C Charging, 91wh battery.
    File:Https:// schenker-via-15-pro-m20-01-768x768.png

    • Schenker Via 15
    • Illegear Ionic 15
    • Mechrevo Code 01
    • Eluktronics MAG-15U
    • Laptopparts4less PF5
    • Mechrevo Code 01

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    AMD: PF4PU1F | PF4NU1F
    Intel: PF4WU1F | PF4MU1F | PF4MN2F
    14.1" Aluminum/magnesium chassis, Type-C Charging, 47wh battery

    • Illegear Ionic 14
    • Schenker Via 14
    • Aftershockpc Lunar 14
    • Walmart Motile
    • Mechrevo S2 Air

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    Useful Links#

    Model naming#

    E.x. G K 5 C P 6 X

    Symbol What it means What it means here
    G Category; G=Gaming Laptop, P=Ultrabook Gaming laptop
    K Generation [H>I>J>K>M]
    5 Display size 15.6"
    C Platform Coffee Lake
    P GPU Type Max-Performance
    6 GPU SKU GTX 1660Ti
    X Chassis ID X


    Letter Platform Codename
    S Intel® Core™ 6th gen SkyLake
    K Intel® Core™ 7th gen Kaby Lake
    W Intel® Core™ 8th gen ULV Whiskey Lake
    C Intel® Core™ 9th and 8th gen Coffee Lake
    M Intel® Core™ 10th gen Comet Lake
    T Intel® Core™ 11th gen Tiger Lake
    P AMD® Ryzen™ 2nd gen Picasso
    N AMD® Ryzen™ 3rd gen Renoir
    V? AMD® Ryzen™ 4th gen Vermeer

    GPU Type#

    Letter Type Note
    U Integrated GPU Intel HD Graphics or Ryzen Vega APU
    M/N Mobile / Notebook Used with MX & GTX series
    Q Max-Q weakened variants
    P Max-P Full Performance
    R Refresh Nvidia 2020 Refresh with higher efficiency and performance

    GPU SKU#

    Symbol Integrated Ampere Turing Pascal
    1 Yes
    2 MX250
    4 1050
    5 1650 1050Ti
    F 1650Ti
    6 1660Ti 1060
    0 3060? 2060
    7 3070? 2070 1070
    H 2070 Super
    8 3080? 2080