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    Razer is a Singapore-based company that manufactures and sells a number of products. Their products focus on aesthetics and, to some extent, minimalistic black and green designs. Their laptops are often sought after for their similarities to Apple MacBooks in their function and finish.

    Quality Control Concerns[edit]

    Razer's laptops tend to be on the premium end of the spectrum when it comes to price. Stores (such as BestBuy) make little to no overhead on these $2,800 laptops, so returns can be quite frustrating for these companies. There have been reports of customers being banned from Amazon and Best Buy for returning Razer products with legitimate defects enough times, but it should be noted that Best Buy does not have systems in place to ban customers from returns any longer.

    There are numerous reports of customers facing defects with their Razer products all over the internet. These issues span from driver issues and BSODs all the way to total motherboard failures and physical damage to the laptop right out of the box. Here's one notable example with the 2020 Razer Blade Advanced.

    Issues with Razer laptops have been reported constantly since at least as far back as 2015, with Linus Tech Tips putting out a video in 2017 showing that nearly 70% of their laptops had to be RMA'd with at least one issue per unit. Keep in mind, they had 13 units in total, so this isn't a small sample size.

    Poor Customer Service[edit]

    Razer has been previously criticized for poor customer service on their products. This isn't exactly unlikely - it's doubtful a company with such poor quality control would pour money into post-sale customer service. Regardless, the reports of poor customer service aren't as abundant as the issues with quality.