Modern Standby

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    Modern Standby is a technology developed by Microsoft to help improve the wake-up time from sleep on laptops and other devices. This was originally introduced with Windows 8 with "Connected Standby." Windows 10 now implements an additional mode referred to as "Disconnected Standby," which is essentially the same thing as the normal mode but without wireless comms being enabled.


    Modern Standby allows laptops to run, even with their lid closed. Some laptops depend on airflow from the keyboard deck's surface area or ventilation for some level of cooling while in operation, which is impossible to achieve with a closed lid. Also, many laptops simply refuse to run their fans while in this mode. This can result in severe heat buildup, as noted in this Notebookcheck Article. Hotspots on certain laptops can get as hot as 51C (or higher), which has been reproduced on another device by codeHusky while testing the XMG Core 14 (which supports Modern Standby). This heat can even be felt on the lid of the laptop in some cases. Even laptops that can operate their fans face challenges while in a bag - a common place for sleeping laptops to be.


    Tell Microsoft to fuck themselves and get rid of Modern Standby.