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    Lenovo Legion unofficial discord server, has guides/warnings, good place to go for help with your legion laptop. - https://discord.io/lenovolegion

    Ideapad L340 Gaming[edit]

    L340 copypasta:

    The L340 should never be bought under any circumstance. It has a flimsy plastic chassis that would probably break under its own weight. Cooling is atrocious, with only 2 shared heatpipes for both the CPU and GPU. Temperatures are deceptively low because of the 35w power limit that lenovo sets, which can only be hit under CPU only loads with an undervolt. On stock configurations with both a CPU and GPU load (that is, in a game), the CPU is limited to 25w (it is worth noting that this is the i5 9300h configuration, only God knows how badly the i7 9750h will perform). Not only is the CPU power limited, its performance is further gimped by only having single channel, single sodimm slot, which means the laptop is also limited to 16gb of RAM. Notebookcheck has the GA502 beating this laptop in performance, and the GA502 is known to be a bad laptop most of the time. To add more fuel to this dumpster fire of a laptop, it does not come with a bracket and cable to connect the hard drive, and lenovo charges you 135 USD for those (source: Jarrod's Tech).

    There are now variants of this laptop with a 250 nit screen (which means it's very dim, and has really bad colors) and HF variant cpu. The HF cpu means that there is no integrated intel graphics, which makes battery life suck. This makes this laptop, which is already bad in the first place, even worse.

    TL;DR, never get this laptop under any circumstance, period. Getting one is worse than getting a death sentence.

    Legion Y540[edit]

    The Y540 has a quality control issue where in some units the thermals are shite due to an uneven heatsink. If your unit happens to have bad thermals, ask Lenovo to provide a heatsink replacement under warranty. If this is not possible, use a filler paste such as IC diamond. If you're not in the US, repasting may or may not void warranty. Furthermore the previous models of Y530 have keyboard issues. Unknown if the Y540 fixed them or not but no incidents yet, so it seems to be fine. Also don't get the HF variant CPUs unless you don't give a fuck about battery life lol.

    A quick note: heatsink replacement is done in depot, which big succ if you need to use the laptop everyday. at least in aussie i was told that they couldnt repaste by using onsite. which is dumb. - jpeg

    Legion 7i[edit]

    The Lenovo Legion 7i is difficult to recommend due to hinge issues caused by poor distribution of the hinge torque. Due to the bad hinge mount, many users have experienced hinge failures.

    Thinkpad USB-C[edit]

    Unfortunately, popular ThinkPad models produced between 2017 and 2020 that may have been recommended to members here are subject to potential USB C port failure thanks to defective Thunderbolt controllers. Some of these models include the T480, T490, X1 Carbon and Yoga, P51 to P53. USB C port failure may take the form of BIOS errors or system hangs, docking stations not being recognized, or being unable to charge the computer with the stock charger.

    To prevent USB C failure or to potentially fix it, download the driver package and firmware package for your machine here: https://lnv.gy/2NVb01z It takes approximately 3 to 5 minutes to properly install both pieces of software. If any persistent issues continue, contact Lenovo customer support.