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    Asus is an awful company to buy a laptop from. Not only do they refuse to acknowledge design flaws in their own laptops, but they go as far as saying those defects are for the "best experience for gamers."

    Take, for instance, the latest Asus controversy. Asus's latest Ryzen-powered notebooks seem to run quite hot, especially considering that they weren't running above thermal design power. Hardware Unboxed, a popular YouTube channel, did a deep-dive into the TUF A15's poor thermal performance. Their findings were that the laptop performed much better with the back panel off, suggesting that the design was flawed. The bottom vents restricted airflow into the fans just like on Asus G15, practically suffocating the laptop and putting unnecessary load/wear on the fans. Asus responds, saying they were wrong. Skip forward a few days and HWUnboxed released this video. If PR damage control makes you cringe, stop reading.

    In essence, ASUS claims in the video that purposely not cooling the power delivery components is somehow improving the experience gamers will have with their ASUS product. When HWUnboxed found that cutting holes in the bottom panel improved thermal performance, ASUS simply responded in a similar way: hotter temps were apparently better for gaming, and also that they had selected the "most ideal" design for temperatures on the device. The difference was minimal, and ultimately the issues could've largely been resolved by just designing the laptop correctly in the first place. Tons of ASUS laptops have these same issues, and as a result don't recommend ASUS products to anyone.